Motion Capture Director, Producer and Consultant

Current Directing Releases

After 20 years in the performance & motion capture world, the evolution of the "Mocapman" has led me down other paths in the industry.

If I'm not performing in the mocap suit you can still find me in the volume as a Director, Producer, Consultant or all on mocap projects.

From designing mocap stages and procedures for running a mocap studio, to creating, writing and producing content for a variety of mediums, I can help bring mocap projects to life.

I have worked with all of the mocap stages over the years, so I am known in the industry and have a solid relationship and great reputation with all of the studios.

"Logic will get you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere."

Albert Einstein

My titles overlap constantly as I'm brought on to projects in a variety of positions which makes me a great resource in the mocap industry.

Directing and telling stories in the mocap volume is just as exciting and challenging but that's the appeal and reward for creativity, ingenuity and imagination.

I am responsible for co-directing all of the character entrances, idles and emotes for the hit game Rogue Company.

Here are a couple examples

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Additional projects I've worked and co-directed

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