Motion Capture Movement Director and Stunt Coordinator

I've been performing stunts in mocap for 20 years and if I'm not in the mocap suit you can still find me in the volume as a Movement Director or Stunt Coordinator.

Consulting, creating movement, stunt coordinating and designing action keeps me involved in the creative storytelling aspect of mocap and helps keep performers safe.

"It's not the falling down that hurts, It's the getting up fast after!"


Working in Mocap Previs before a major motion picture is started also gives me the opportunity to create and work out some safe action and ideas.

Here are a couple recent blockbuster movies I got to do some Mocap previs on with one of the best Animation, VFX and previs companies in the business, Halon Entertainment.

Action Scene from ARK 2 Trailer

Click the Halon Logo to learn more about the company

A few projects I've stunt coordinated or created movement for.

For the game Silent Hill Homecoming, I got to perform and create movements for the creepy creatures in the game.

Including the iconic Pyramid Head.

Motion Capture Previs & Animation